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Conshohocken Car Show 2008

Met a local artist by the name of Billy Kill who has a song that is on it's way to becoming a Conshy favorite. It's called The Conshohocken Strut. I was wearing a shirt and when he found out I have this website he gave me one of his CD's. It's called Minuits In The Making. It's actually a pretty cool album. You can buy it online at cdbaby by clicking HERE

He mentioned the DJ was going to play the song so I stuck around to watch him show us how it's done. While recording it of course.

Send him an email at and he might get back to you

Update June 2009. This year I was helping the Bailey Ehasz Accident fund distribute flyers for my daughter. I didn't get a chance to record the conshy strut. But I did get a chance to talk to Billy.

A Flamin' Caucasion to the rescue.

We were surprised to find out he is helping us with fundraising by selling a special CD with the Conshohocken Strut and his new Fayette Street song on it. You can find these special edition Bailey Ehasz Accident Fund Billy Kill Conshohocken Strut CD's at most of the Fayette Street businesses. Like Jack Coll's Custom Framing and A. Piermani & Son and the 4th Street Deli.
Update 2011
The special edition Bailey Ehasz CD's are no longer available. I wonder if they will ever show up on ebay.
 people love the conshy strut!
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